2-Day boot camp
This fast-paced course teaches students the day-to-day job tasks and interpersonal
strategies to become a productive and respected supervisor. Participants learn proven
managerial concepts, effective verbal and written communication skills, the latest
employee development techniques, and much more. Our program emphasizes developing
and practicing real-world scenarios, turning the learning into action. This is not academic
theory-based supervisory training. This is practical, pragmatic, skill-based training that
produces skilled supervisors at every level of leadership.

Topics covered include:
   o Supervisory overview & leadership styles
   o Communication skills
   o Conflict resolution skills
   o Developing effective teams
   o Human resource issues
   o Evaluating & improving employee performance
   o Problem solving
   o Planning & managing successful meetings
   o Time/stress management
   o Ethics in leadership

Location: Oceanside Campus, Aztlan A&B (Student Center)
Dates: Offered Spring and Fall.  Call:: (760)795-6820
Cost: Only $550 for the full program (lunch included)

Special Pricing: Only $550 for the full program
(lunch included)

Supervisory Overview & Leadership Styles
Discover what it takes to be an effective supervisor, whether you're newly appointed or a seasoned veteran. This module includes:
o Function and roles of a supervisor
o Assessing supervisory styles
o Elements of effective supervision
o Supervisory planning
Training Time: 2 hours

Communication Skills
Your success as a supervisor depends largely on your ability to be an effective communicator. Topics in this class include:
o Verbal and non-verbal communication
o Active speaking and listening skills
o Climate for open communication
o Assessing communication styles
o How to inspire high performance
Training Time: 3 hours
Conflict Resolution Skills
Learn how to deal effectively with conflicts that arise in the workplace. Topics include:
o Using communication skills to defuse potential blow-ups
o Strategies for separating personal and organizational problems
o How to control our own emotions in conflict situations
o Assessing conflict resolution styles
o Five strategies for managing conflict
Training Time: 2 hours

Developing Effective Teams
Being a supervisor means learning to lead your team toward success and acknowledging your role as a team player. Topics in this module include:
o Group exercise to highlight components of successful teams
o Team dynamics - stages of group development
o Tools for building highly productive teams
o Avoiding team dysfunction
Training Time: 1 hours
Human Resource Issues
It is essential for supervisors to have a working knowledge of issues that could lead to legal liability for the organization. Topics include:
o Legal and ethical responsibilities of being a supervisor
o The basics of discrimination and sexual harassment
o Fundamentals of hiring and firing
o Professionalism in leadership roles
o Organizational polices and procedures for addressing grievances
Training Time: 3 hours

Evaluating & Improving Employee Performance
Understanding performance management and the process of delegation will help the supervisor and his/her employees understand expected job results. This module includes:
o Setting performance standards and objectives
o Communicating high expectations to employees
o Dealing with the poor performer
o Handing performance appraisals
Training Time: 2 hours
Planning & Managing Successful Meetings
These days, supervisors must make the most of the time they spend in meetings. Topics covered include:
o Life cycle of a meeting
o Creating a useful agenda
o How to open, lead and close meetings
o Leading engaging meetings
o Designing smart action plans
Training Time: 1 hours

Time/Stress Management
Your success as a supervisor depends on how well you manage your time and stress and the time and stress of your employees. Topics include: learning to control time wasters, techniques for prioritizing, overcoming distractions, dealing with organizational stress and relaxation techniques on the job.
Training Time: 1 hours
Ethics in Leadership
We will examine ethical dilemmas facing leaders, explore the top factors that cause leaders to compromise their ethics, and identify ways to develop their own good ethical standards. Topics include:
Identifying ethical and unethical behaviors
Understanding ethical dilemmas
Avoiding major reasons for compromising ethics as a leader
Targeting ethical leadership behaviors
Training Time: 1 hour
Supervisory Academy Course Details

Call: (760)795-6820

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