For more information on Externships:
   - contact Mike Green at  or 760.795-6820.

  For more information on the Scuba Dive Master Program or Veterinary  
  Assistant Program:
   - contact Christine Jensen at  or 760.795.6822.

  For more information on the Certified Armed Protection Specialist Program:
   - contact Christine Jensen at  or 760.795.6822.

  For more information on our online medical training courses, visit

  For information on any of our other online certificate programs:
   - go to

  Funding Information

  Camp Pendleton Marines Corps Education Center:
   - Go to to get information on tuition assistance.

  Interfaith Community Services:
   - Go to for more information about their programs
  and services.

  MyCAA Spouse Education and Career Information:
   - Go to to find out if you’re eligible.

  San Diego Workforce Partnership Career Centers:
   - Go to to find the local center near you.

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