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This comprehensive workshop will provide you with tools and techniques to identify non-value activities, streamline operations and administrative activities, and reduce costs while improving focus on your customers! Specific examples of real life implementation, videos, and fun activities will enhance the learning of the LSS tools and techniques. The workshop is limited to encourage participation and problem solving.
Topics include:
o  Overview of Lean Six Sigma (LSS)
o  Valve stream mapping
o  Value & Non-Value Analysis
o  Constraint identification
o  Kaizen targets and methods
o  Visual and 5S review
o  Six Sigma analysis
o  Tearn selection and motivation for change
o  Measurement that matter

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Lean Six Sigma?
Lean Six Sigma (LSS) evolved from other quality initiatives, such as ISO and Baldrige, to become a quality standardization process based on hard data. Six Sigma is a term based on Motorola's definition of defects and began as a quality initiative at Motorola in the 1980s, for which Motorola won the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Lean Six Sigma blends the methodology of Six Sigma with the principals of Lean Manufacturing to provide a comprehensive approach to performance improvement. To find out more, take a look at our "About Lean Six Sigma" page.

What is DMAIC?
DMAIC: First, DEFINE the problem critical to quality, often the hardest part of the project. MEASURE all aspects of the process. ANALYZE the factors that truly drive performance. IMPROVE by establishing optimum levels for each factor. And, finally, define a CONTROL plan to hold the gains. The DMAIC model provides a common language for Six Sigma projects. Company-wide implementation usually results in continual improvement , which leads to big cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

How does it work?
LSS works by providing the framework for breakthrough performance improvement through the DMAIC method, using various graphical, statistical and lean tools.

What can I expect in terms of financial impact with Lean Six Sigma?
Financial impact varies based on the size of the company and the scope of the project. Financial impact includes cost savings, cost avoidance, and increased capability for new business.

What types of companies and processes can benefit from Lean Six Sigma?
Any organization, whether it's a government agency or manufacturing-, service-, or healthcare-based, that wants to improve the bottom line and exceed customer expectations needs LSS. Any process that requires standardization and consistent high quality will benefit from LSS. Adding LSS to your organization will put you miles ahead of your competition.

Are there any pre-requisites for the Black Belt training and Certification?
There are no prerequisites for attending Black Belt training and acquiring the certification outside of the certification process. Green Belt certification is not required to obtain a Black Belt.

What training should the production line employees have?
This depends more on how they are going to function within the organization. Some organizations have chosen to use line people as Black Belts (on the high end) - all the way to maybe just some awareness training (perhaps 1-2 hours) on the low end.

Where do I start?
We offer this Six Sigma Overview course to help you understand the Lean Six Sigma philosophy and present case studies of companies that have successfully implemented Lean Six Sigma programs. This is a GREAT place to start your Six Sigma Training! You are always welcome to contact us with questions.

If my company has not formally deployed Lean Six Sigma, can I attend a course?
Yes, you may attend a course if your company has not formally deployed Lean Six Sigma to your organization.

Do I have to have a project to attend a course?
A project is not required, but having a project that you can apply the Lean Six Sigma tools to would be beneficial.

Will I receive academic credit for attending the course?
No academic credit is given for Lean Six Sigma courses.  However, you will receive a MiraCosta College Certificate of Accomplishment for completing the course.