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Location: MiraCosta College Oceanside Campus Room 3511
4 Thursdays 7/24/14 - 8/14/14      6:30pm - 8:30pm

Class are held
4 Thursdays 9
/18/14 - 10/9/14
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Create high performing employees. The leadership academy is for upper management and administrators. Using experiential learning, activity-based lessons and peer-to-peer interaction, attendees will learn to translate management theory into practical application.

Topics include:

  — Leadership and Employee Assessments. Understand the different types of
         employees, what motivates them, and how to best supervise these individuals.
         Learn to recognize different personality types and how to best match a person 
         with a job or situation.

  — Delegation and Empowerment. Learn hands-on techniques to effectively
         delegate and empower individuals in order to achieve the highest levels of
         employee commitment.

  — Employee Motivation. Discover what drives different employees. Find ways to
         inspire creativity in the hearts and minds of everyone on your team.

  — Communication. Build communication skills and practice active listening.     
         Learn how to effectively prevent or handle employee confrontations, as well as
         deal with difficult people, no matter the situation.

Your copy of the class handouts will be emailed to you. Please print and bring to class. After completion of all four classes, you will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment.