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WIA and GI Bill funding approved.

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My 5 - May.23, 2013 

"During this course I learned more efficient medical training than I did in 6 years in the Marine Corps. If we had this training before my deployments we would have saved a lot of lives. All the material that was covered was incredible. Rick, Chris, and Kiko were among the best instructors I've ever meet and I've spent the last 10 years in training environments. They were tough and professional and incredibly knowledgeable."
Jeremy Bennett

"The course was extremely beneficial in a small community of EP work. Real world scenarios taught by real world instructors bring so much and more to the course. This is not a game in this line of work! Chris, Keiko, and Rick and Nacho bring advance training to keep students alive, they are more than instructors, they are badass operators and this training is extremely valuable, especially in Mexico details."
Richard Garcia

"This was one of the best training courses I have ever taken! The amount of information covered in the amount of time was amazing. Everything covered was realistic and will definately transfer over to the real world. All the instructors were very knowledgeable and excited to share the wealth of information to us and also show how it related to their real world experiences."
Antwaynr Smith

"Extremely valuable information covered during the course"
Matthew Tauous

"Loved the training..."
J. Kesselmark II

"HTPT was excellent… Instructor staff is second to none."
Jake Hixon

"Best medical training that I have received in my 18 years in law enforcement. Good base for ordinary protection and will give me the skills to build off of… The instructors were very dedicated to the course they had very good communication skills."
Michael Mouat

"Great medical training. This training will be invaluable towards our specific job title (Police Swat). Every instructor provided great training and instruction, and shared real life scenarios. Thank you!!!"
Michael Arellano

"The course benefitted me very well. Training was excellent in the sense that I was able to take my military training and adapt it easily to add civilian factors and excel in the training. The information learned was relevant to real world experience and I feel that the reputation of training will benefit my future jobs and experiences.
The instructors were well educated in their fields of training and expressed different ways of learning to best educate all students."
Wes Birmingham

"Exceeded Expectations. A lot of Knowledge."
David M.

"Course gave me a greater respect and understanding for this line of work. The training has given me the confidence to pursue this career. The training is beyond what I expected and is worth more than my time in a traditional college. 
Instructors were very knowledgeable and great on passing on that knowledge to the class. Their experience in the field showed in every thing we did."
Esteban Capo

"All the skill sets were well thought out.  All the instructors were great and explained procedures well and took extra time for the students who need it."
Greg S.

Visit or call 760.795.6822 for details about how to apply.
Visit or call 760.795.6822 for details about how to apply.
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