Program Description: This is a full time, 19-day program in Carlsabad, California.

Instructors :
Rick Sweeney is the program manager and instructor for protective subjects and firearms. He has been in the security field for 25 years, specializing in high-threat protective operations. He has spent much of his career leading security teams in places like Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Lebanon, Iraq, and for the last several years, Mexico. He was the program manager for a large-scale US Government Anti-Terrorist Force Protection training program, facilitating and supervising training for thousands of US Military security team members.

Keiko Arroyo Is a training specialist in the areas of private security, firearms, and law enforcement tactics. He has worked and trained in the security field for over 20 years. As a former U.S. Marine weapons instructor and a contracted Anti-terrorism Force Protection lead-instructor for the US Government, he has shared his knowledge with thousands of students.

Chris Cluff is an executive protection medic with operational experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia and domestically. Chris also is a certified DOD Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Instructor, Levels 1 and 2. He is a nationally registered paramedic and advanced tactical practitioner, Illinois State licensed paramedic with specialty care endorsement certifications in: Advance Trauma Life Support, Advance Burn Life Support, Advance Cardiac Life Support, International Trauma Life Support, Pediatric Advance Life Support, Pediatric Education for Pre-hospital Professionals and qualified as a National EMS Educator in Trauma care, Tactical Medicine, Cardiac and Pediatric emergencies.

Ignacio Gavaldon is a former US Army Ranger medic. His training also included hundreds of hours working in hospital emergency rooms and assisting in surgical procedures. Ignacio has real-world experience providing combat trauma care under hostile conditions, including 2 combat deployments and more than 60 successful missions completed. He has treated a variety of serious wounds caused by gunshots, Improvised Explosive Devises, helicopter crashes, and motor vehicle accidents. After completing his Army service Ignacio began teaching basic and advanced combat trauma medicine to deploying US service members.

Adjunct Instructors: We augment our core staff with former members of U.S. Navy SEAL teams, MARSOC, U.S. Army Special Forces, SWAT and other specialize Law Enforcement units. These individuals teach firearms, combatives, executive protection, combat medicine, and security driving.

                                                              COURSE DETAILS
: Classes will be held approximately once every six weeks.

Training Time : This course is 220 hours of classroom and field instruction. This is a 19 consecutive day course commitment, eight plus hours a day, seven days a week. This is a not-for-credit course.

Next Class Start Dates : 
6/7/15  or   10/4/15   or    11/22/15

Cost : $6,875 (includes instruction, materials, all ammunition and use of guns, certificate, and transportation from lodging to training site.

NOTE : Meals and lodging are not included.  Discounted rate has been secured, contact us for more informtion.

Location : Carlsbad Locations.  We've made arrangements with a hotel near the training site.  Contact your local VA representative to find out if you qualify for the housing stipend.  

Funding Options : GI Bill approved.  WIOA approved - visit your local Career Center to see if you qualify.

Call: (760)795-6820

- TA funded for Active 
     Duty Navy Personnel
- WIOA funding approved 
- GI Bill funding approved.

Visit or call 760.795.6822 for details about how to apply.

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Next Class Dates: 

High Threat Protection Training Course put to the test new skills that will challenge even experience combat veterans and seasoned protection professionals. We do not meet, but we EXCEED State Department WPS standards in TCCC medical, Mission Planning, Firearms qualifications, and more. Though our curriculum is geared towards private high threat/low profile operations, many of the skill sets are parallel to Military & Civilian PSD and WPS operations.

Participants will be expected to plan entire details, advance their routes, venues, safe-zones, medical facilities, prepare complete mission plans in our state of the art computer labs, design contingencies for all what-ifs, and run the details. While on detail you will be provided opportunities to validate training received in surveillance detection, route planning, and other emergency contingencies. Your first group of details will be conducted half way through this course segment in order to provide students with full multimedia debriefs of any exploitation or successes while on detail. This provides participants time to work on opportunities before the final set of details at the end of the 35 day pipeline.

Our goal is to produce a graduate who will not only succeed at the WPS training, but also be prepared to run details outside the State Department-WPS bubble, which is less than 5% of the work out there. Private, high-threat corporate, celebrity, journalists, humanitarian and other low profile details, comprise of more than 95% of the protection positions globally.
High Threat Protection Training


15 consecutive days, 9/2-9/16 or 1/6/16-1/20/16, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.