Who should enroll in this certificate program?

Anyone with an interest in HR is welcome! We typically have four types
 of people who enroll in this program:
1) Employees who are not HR professionals, but have some responsibility
 for HR within their organization (finance, accounting, office managers, etc.).
2) Small business owners who do not have a full-time HR staff and want to
 make sure they are up to date on all compliance-related HR issues.
3) People who are transitioning from their current career into HR.
4) HR professionals who have not had formal (classroom) HR education
and are seeking a certificate.

What is the difference between the MiraCosta HR Certificate program
and the programs at CSUSM, UCSD, and SDSU?

This program is a non-credit program. Your certificate documents that you have completed 24 hours of instruction in HR. For-credit programs like the ones at the universities mentioned take much longer to complete (typically 2-4 years), are more expensive, and have credit requirements like required reading, homework, and exams.

Some people who have completed the program at MiraCosta and would like to continue their formal HR education go on to complete credit certificates as well. Please refer to those organizations for any specific questions about their programs.

If I complete this certificate program, will I be able to take the PHR exam?

The PHR certification exam is offered through the Human Resources Certification Institute, which is not affiliated with MiraCosta. You may find out more about eligibility, test dates, and how to sign up for the exam here.

This certificate program is designed as an overview of the human resources body of knowledge set out by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). While completing the certificate will help you in your understanding of the material covered on the exam, this is not a test preparation course. The PHR exam is quite difficult and requires significant study time. There are self-study materials, test preparation courses, and study groups that can help you to study for and pass the exam.