Training Time: 600 hours

Class Dates: Aug. 12 - Nov. 19, 2015

Times:  Monday - Fridays   8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Cost: $6,750 (GI Bill and WIOA funding approved)       

Location: MiraCosta College Technology Career Institute
                   2075 Las Palmas Drive, Carlsbad CA 92011           

Call: 760.795.6346

Engineering technology, or mechatronics, integrates theories and application in mechanical, electrical and electronic systems, fluid power, robotics, and computer software. All topics covered during lecture are explored significantly more in-depth during the lab portion of each class. The wide range of test equipment utilized in the lab gives students an opportunity to train with equipment they can expect to find in the workplace. Our program is designed around the changing skills and training demanded by area manufacturers. Students learn how to not only use the equipment, but to repair, troubleshoot, and install systems. Students who attend will experience an accelerated program designed to quickly prepare them to meet the skill sets that will qualify graduates to move right into entry level positions with local manufacturing facilities.

Whether you want to go into one of the many advanced manufacturing and/or maritime companies in San Diego, work with robotics, or eventually get an engineering degree, this program is the perfect Launchpad!

Student Learning Outcomes  
Learn to apply principles of mathematics and applied science to solve technical problems of the types commonly encountered in engineering technology careers. 
Learn to use current computational tools for technical problem solving, including scientific calculators, computers and associated software.
Have the ability to identify, formulate, and present creative solutions to technical problems in a variety of specialty areas within the field of engineering technology.
Perform economic analyses and cost estimates related to design, construction, operations and maintenance of systems associated with engineering.
Select appropriate engineering materials and practices to perform standard analysis and design of elements for structures, hydraulic and pneumatic systems
      and construction operations.
Learn to function competently in an industrial environment or laboratory setting, making measurements, operating technical equipment, analyzing data, and
      professionally reporting results.
Demonstrate an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities.
Demonstrate professional skills in oral, written, and graphical communication.
Demonstrate interpersonal skills to function as part of a team.
Learn to respond positively to change and adapt to changing technology and environments.

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MiraCosta College Technology Career Institute 2075 Las Palmas Drive, Carlsbad CA 92011
Date:  Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015
Time: 6 p.m.
Note:  Math, writing, and reading comprehension assessments will be given at the conclusion of the information session.

Sample Course Topics:

Safety Training OSHA & Materials Handling
Fundamentals of Documentation
Problem Solving
Technical Mathematics
Electronics fundamentals (DC/AC Circuits)
Mechanical systems (Engineering Mechanics)
Optics Fundamentals
Fluid Mechanics
Sensors and Test Systems
Programmable Controllers
Motor Controls
Automation (Industrial)
Lab Equipment Fundamentals
Parametric Modeling
Marine Applications
Blueprint Reading
Quality Control
Common materials and their use in manufacturing
Communication & Presentation Skills
Leadership Skills
Job Search Tools & Networking
Technical and Professional Writing
Computer Tools (MS Office, Google, Email, etc )
Programming for Engineers (BASIC, C++, Object Oriented, etc.) TBD
D.A.T. Principal
About Our Engineering Technician Instructor
Kris Rolfson

BS Engineering - California State University San Bernadino

Mr. Rolfson has spent over 10 years working in various San Diego high-tech and biotech companies. He has enjoyed successfully taking devices and instruments from concept to manufacturing as well as leading teams in designing, documenting and training. He has extensive experience with electronics, fluid power, sensors, motors, software control, electro-optic systems, testing and fabrication.

Kris has also spent over eight years teaching in both public school and private schools. He was responsible for developing curriculum for science and technology, and launched a youth program that specifically teaches STEM to middle and high school students. He has a full machine shop at home that he relishes using to create opportunities to apply his engineering background.

Kris enjoys learning and teaching others - especially through discovery and hands-on techniques. His teaching style focuses on ways to intrinsically motivate others so they can learn skills that lead to self-confidence and practical applications.